This Guy Puts Onions In His Socks At Night. The Reason? I Had No Idea!


Are you a fan of pure residence cures? In case you answered sure, then you want to examine this out! It seems that onions have extra makes use of than simply flavoring meals. They’re good for curing many ails. Individuals swear by their talents to assist with fevers, sore throats, infections, and the chilly/flu bug. Loopy. With no harsh chemical compounds, this treatment has been confirmed to work and is extra than simply an previous wives story. The one down aspect that I can see can be a smelly mattress! Make sure you clear it.

Previous wives tales. Reality or fiction? Will meals with mayonnaise actually make you deathly sick if overlooked too lengthy? Will going outdoors with moist hair make you sick? Does opening the oven when cooking a souffle assist it prepare dinner? Seems a few of these aren’t true. RD has an inventory of the most typical tales and whether or not Grandma was telling the reality. It doesn’t matter for me both means. I’ll eat a mayonnaise sandwich that has been omitted. It has been drilled into my head that I’ll die. Lol. Get educated here.

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LittleThings: Put Onions In Your Socks At Night? Here’s Why…

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