How To Keep Your Avocados Fresh For Days


Prepared for one of the best and most useful publish ever?! You’ll thank me for this one! Avocados are one of the best however they’re temperamental. In the event you’re not cautious they may flip brown on you and should be tossed. What a waste! On this video from, Brent Rose has some useful recommendations on the way to maintain our avocados inexperienced and scrumptious. This was so useful!

My private preservation technique… eat the entire thing! Lol. You possibly can by no means have an excessive amount of in your BLTA, salad, grilled cheese, or as a snack all by itself. If I do have any left, I have a tendency to make use of the lemon juice technique. How about you?

Avocados make me consider guacamole! Yum! Everybody loves that yummy get together dip. Sadly, not all guac was created equal. The Huffington submit has gathered collectively eight ideas that I assure will make your guacamole legendary! Discover them here.

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