You’ve Been Using Ketchup Cups All Wrong

Ketchup Cups

Loopy Russian Hacker has a enjoyable little video for us at this time and it’s all about Ketchup cups. Ketchup cups and saving the planet. Sure the 2 go hand in hand. In accordance with CRH we’ve been utilizing these little paper ramekins all improper.

It seems that you simply don’t want 5 of them so as to take pleasure in your whole fries. One little cup, when tweaked and stretched somewhat, can maintain simply as a lot as two unaltered ones. I don’t assume I’ve eaten at a restaurant that makes use of these little cups in a very long time. They don’t give them to you within the drive-via. I usually use the bottle on the desk however the subsequent time I get the prospect I’ll give this a attempt.

Recent out of ketchup (or catsup)? That’s okay. Make your personal. It’s very easy. Right here’s one recipe and right here’s another. Have enjoyable within the kitchen.

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