Unique Baked Potato Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

baked potato recipes

Potatoes have been on my mind recently. They’re the right consolation meals and fairly nutritious so far as consolation meals go. I’ll eat a bacon and cheese coated potato over a bag of chips any day. You’ll assume that too after seeing this delicious recipe roundup from OMG Information!

I would like the spinach and artichoke one proper now! After that I’ll make the bacon and egg potato and after that the bourbon hazelnut. These are gourmand baked potatoes! I’m so excited to have stumbled throughout this treasure trove of recipes and will certainly be heading to the shop for components!

Potatoes are fairly good for you, full of vitamins. One medium potato solely has 163 energy. Sure, they’re a carbohydrate however regardless of what Atkins says, our our bodies want carbs. The whole lot sparsely. The identical goes for all these scrumptious baked potato recipes….don’t eat them unexpectedly. Tempo your self, lol. I do know that the Bloomin Baked Potato has few extra energy than a plain potato. Take a look at a few of the well being advantages of this yummy veggie here.

Right here’s the hyperlink to all of the scrumptious recipes. Together with the one for that bloomin baked potato…

OMG Facts: 20 Awesome Baked Potato Recipes

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