This Quick Trick Helps You “Plop” Your Hair


Have you ever heard of plunking or plopping your hair? I hadn’t nevertheless it doesn’t actually apply to me as a result of that is for these of you with cute (and typically loopy) curly locks. My straight and nice hair will look on jealously from the wings. So what’s it? It’s a no-warmth technique for controlling your curls. The outcomes are frizz free and filled with fabulous quantity. This technique is ideal for these of you who bathe at night time at want a fast repair within the morning.

Donata White makes use of a comb, some product, and an previous shirt to get fabulous curls. (That is yet one more means an previous tee-shirt may be repurposed! The DIYs and hacks are infinite!) Do that to your hair earlier than you go to mattress and ‘Bob’s your uncle!’ Which is an expression meaning ‘the whole lot might be high-quality.’ Lol. Higher than wonderful. It is going to be fabulous! Let me know How this labored for you lovelies! Here is one other no-warmth curl tutorial. This one is for these of you with straight hair.

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