Striped Nail Polish Ideas You Can Totally Do Yourself


I’ve simply discovered my new favourite roundup! Diply has the most effective and best striped DIY manicures and I’m so excited to function them right here at present. I haven’t seen something as superb as these sixteen designs in a very long time. Eeeek! Did I point out how excited I’m?!

Your folks will assume you had these carried out by a professional and also you kinda did. You may be a professional after these tutorials! I really like quantity four! you possibly can by no means go mistaken with half matte/half shiny/metallic tape. Quantity 12 appears so difficult however I really like the 2 colours! Which is your favourite? As for those who might decide only one. Lol! The key to utilizing tape in your nails is 2 fold. First your base shade has to dry utterly. Not ninety nine%. It have to be one hundred% dry. Second you will need to take the tape off instantly after making use of your subsequent shade to provide a clear and sharp look. Here are some extra tips.

Right here’s the hyperlink to all sixteen tutorials…

Diply: 16 Examples Of Striped Polish You Can Totally Do At Home

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