Our Favorite Apple Dumplings Recipe


Once I consider apple dumplings, I consider the Disney film “The Apple Dumpling Gang”. The one with Don Knotts. I don’t actually keep in mind the film. I keep in mind it being a western comedy however not a lot else. Admittedly, I’ve by no means eaten apple dumplings earlier than. Earlier than at the moment, I didn’t even know what apple dumplings have been. Now that I do, I would like some. They appear scrumptious and as if they are going to be a scrumptious fall dessert. In case you are on a weight-reduction plan don’t open this publish. Don’t do it.

OK you probably did it. You determined to stretch out your waistband and make this yummy treats. Now that you’ve, you possibly can skip previous all of the knife commercial and get to the great things. Apples, Pillsbury dough, cinnamon and much and plenty of sugar, brown sugar, and butter. Mmmmm great things. I recommend you begin on the finish for the recipe, then return and watch her make it. Here are another tasty dumpling recipes. Let’s attempt all of them.

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