Is Your Garage Just A Tad Too Tiny For Two Cars? Watch This!

garage car slider

I’m a slave to advertising. Yup. It’s true. This lotion will make my legs tan with out streaks? Finished. This hairbrush will make my hair shinier and longer in two weeks? The place are the automotive keys? Off to the shop I’m going. I really like new merchandise. There’s a pasta strainer that appears life altering that I’m completely in love with. Right here’s a brand new one I guess you haven’t seen. A ‘park and slide’ for the storage. I’m not fairly positive what I give it some thought and it hasn’t captured my coronary heart but however It’s on it’s approach. What do you assume?

This contraption was designed in order that two automobiles might match into one small storage. It lets you park your automotive after which push (aka slide) it over to make room for the opposite. Fascinating. Cool! I’m wondering in the event that they made them for left steering automobiles and if it will work the identical? It doesn’t matter for me. There isn’t sufficient room in my storage for all my stuff, not to mention two automobiles! Lol.

Hometalk has a very easy tip on find out how to maximize each little bit of storage parking area. Waste not, need not. Test it out here.

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