How To Stop Your Car Window From Fogging Up

De Fogger

Do you know that a pair of socks and a few silica crystal kitty litter will help you defrost your automotive home windows within the chilly months? This completely is sensible. Kitty litter absorbs moisture. It’s an excellent concept, particularly in case your defroster is on the fritz or in case you didn’t depart additional time for it to heat up. Silica is used to soak up moisture (keep in mind these little packets that are available shoe packing containers?). Leaving that is the automotive in a single day and all of the day lengthy ought to assist eliminate that moisture drawback.

I used to make use of this brand of kitty litter for Bernard, our cat, and it’s out there at most pet shops. I do know Walmart has it too. It might work for the defogging and it’s a top quality litter too. We solely switched as a result of these little crystals journey over wood flooring and our new home has wooden floors they usually didn’t simply keep the place they have been purported to.

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