DIY Wooden Strip Candle Votive

This yr is the official UNESCO year of light. It’s highlighting (no pun meant) the quantity of sunshine all of us obtain each day from sources reminiscent of computer systems, telephone and tv screens. These fixed mild sources all through the day and night time can effecting our sleeping patterns consequently. In case you’ve ever had hassle sleeping or discover it troublesome to modify off it could possibly be as a result of the glow from electronics and shiny indoor lighting is retaining you awake.

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 11

Alongside switching off any screens two hours earlier than sleeping (we’re discovering this one troublesome) utilizing candles to dim the lights simply earlier than going to mattress will help ease the tough overhead lights that may trigger restlessness.

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 9

Candles are additionally a good way of enjoyable and blowing off steam. There’s one thing so enjoyable concerning the flickering gentle mild that comes from a candle flame. Candles may be perceived as a bit retro however giving your candle holder a contemporary twist is a good way to not solely benefit from the candle extra, however to make lovely options round your house!

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive materials

You’ll need:

  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Stick
  • Cane Reed
  • Masking tape
  • Glass Tumbler
  • Tea Mild Candle

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 1

1. Soak the reed in heat water. Coil the reed inside the glass so that it’ll type a tighter coil. Depart for about half an our after which drain off the water. Preserving the cane within the glass depart it to dry for an additional half an hour.

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 2

Whenever you take away the cane will probably be coiled about the identical measurement of the glass.

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 3

2. Measure and reduce a bit of cane that may wrap across the backside of the glass with an inch to spare. Use the glue gun safe this piece across the backside of the glass.

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 4

three. Reduce one other two items of cane one and a half occasions the size of the circumference of the glass. Starting on the finish of the final piece of cane glue the subsequent piece of cane and depart it to set.

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 5

four. Squeeze the glue onto the surface of the opposite finish of the cane.

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 6

5. Insert the top of the cane behind itself at an angle to create a unfastened loop and maintain in place.

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 7

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 8

6. Repeat the final step to create one other loop on the other website of the glass. Maintain the joints in place with masking tape whereas they set to maintain them securely in place.

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 9

Now mild your candle and loosen up!

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 10

Homedit Wooden Strip Votive 11

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