DIY Plumbers Pipe Standing Desk

This Standing Desk is created from 2x12s  wooden board and plumbers pipe. The peak of the desk may be adjusted by switching out totally different sections of pipe. All the supplies for this standing desk could be bought at House Depot.

DIY Standing Desk Tutorial

DIY Standing Desk Project

DIY Standing Desk from Plumbers


  • 1 – 2″x12″x12′ board
  • 6 – 10″ mending plates
  • three/four″ black iron pipes
    • four @ 18″
    • 6 @ 12″
    • four @ 10″
    • eight @ four″
    • **These measurements are for a forty two″ excessive desk**
  • three/four″ black iron couplings
    • eight – flanges
    • eight – t’s
    • four – ninety° elbows
    • four – finish caps
  • 1/four″ black drywall screws
  • Danish oil (or stain/protecting coat of selection)


  • round noticed
  • orbital sander
  • 18 Volt cordless drill

Step 1: Measure & Reduce the Boards

Reduce the boards to the end size of 5’6″, utilizing a velocity sq. to ensure to get an ideal proper angle minimize.

DIY Standing Desk - Measure

DIY Standing Desk - Cut Board

Step 2: Sand the Boards

Sand the boards down, first utilizing a coarser grit like one hundred, then ending at 22o utilizing the orbital sander. We made positive to take particular care to spherical all the sides and corners to get a clean look.

DIY Standing Desk - Sand the Boards

DIY Standing Desk Sand Board

Step three: Wipe and Stain the Boards

Wipe all of the mud from the boards earlier than utilizing a rag to use a coat of pure Danish oil. The pure Danish oil provides a coat of safety for the boards whereas retaining the integrity and readability of the pure wooden colour.

DIY Standing Desk Wipe and Stain

DIY Standing Desk Wipe and Stain Tutorial

Step four: Connect the Boards Collectively

Utilizing the ten″ mending plates, connect the two 2″x12″ boards collectively. We centered the plates four″ in from the ends of the boards, then roughly 12″ aside leaving about 6″ of area between the center two. To make sure that the boards keep collectively, clamp one board to the worktable and ask for assist to tug the second board into the primary as you screw within the plates.

DIY Standing Desk Attach the Boards

DIY Standing Desk Attach the Boards together

Step 5: Assemble the Legs

Assemble the legs utilizing all of the pipes and connectors. Placing them collectively is straightforward and enjoyable, however be sure that the top result’s straight and screwed collectively tightly.

DIY Standing Desk - Prepare the Legs

Step 6: Connect Legs to Boards

Place the legs on the within of the outermost plate, or about 6″ in from the ends and three″ in from the edges. It may be a bit troublesome to maneuver the drill whereas it’s so near the pipes, however be sure you drill the screws straight into the wooden.

DIY Standing Desk - Attach the Legs

Step 7: Regulate Legs as Wanted

If the ground of your area is uneven, you’ll be able to regulate the top caps to degree the tables.

DIY Standing Desk - Adjust The Legs

There are various totally different choices for the peak of your desk. We listed the three that we discovered most helpful for our wants. The precise peak of the desk will fluctuate relying on how tightly you’re capable of screw the pipes to the couplings, in addition to the thickness of the boards when you select a unique sort of desk prime.

DIY Standing Desk - Legs options

DIY Standing Desk Ben Working

Good luck making your personal Standing Desk!

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