DIY Geometric Metal Tubing Hanging Planter

This easy trendy planter is the right addition to your boring nook or window space. Utilizing metallic piping and cord with a number of straightforward steps, hold any bowl or planter to spruce up a naked area. Make a number of in several colours and sizes to hold collectively, or give a number of away to family and friends. These make an excellent distinctive present!


  • metallic tubing (brass used right here)
  • pipe cutter
  • tape measure
  • twine, string or skinny wire for connecting tubing
  • bowl or planter
  • crops

geometric hanging planter supplies

1. Begin by slicing your metallic pipe with a pipe cutter. Right here we used brass pipe, a more durable materials that gained’t bend or break too simply like copper or aluminum. Measure across the planter that you simply need to cling to customise to your measurement. Right here we used a small bowl. Minimize 5 equal sized shorter items for the underside (ours have been 2.5 inches every, 5 equal sized longer items for the center portion (ours have been three inches every), and 5 extra equal sized lengthy items for the highest portion (ours have been 6 inches every).

geometric metal tubing hanging planter tutorial

2. Reduce 5 very lengthy equal sized items of twine (or no matter materials you’re utilizing to string the metallic tubes).

three. Begin constructing your base by threading by way of one of many small items on 2 items of twine.

DIY geometric metal tubing hanging planter

four. Proceed constructing your base by taking one of many strands that you simply threaded by way of the primary metallic piece, and thread that together with a brand new piece of twine by way of the second metallic piece. Proceed doing this till you will have threaded all 5 items. For the final piece as an alternative of threading on a brand new piece of twine it is going to thread again by means of the unique first piece of string (see prime 2 photographs above).

5. Pull every part tight and even out each bit of twine so that each one the items left are even (every of the two items on the factors of the pentagon).

6. At every level of the pentagon, thread the two items up via the 1 of the medium and 1 of the massive sized metallic items. Proceed this for every level of the pentagon.

DIY geometric hanging planter

geometric hanging planter DIY

7. As soon as all the items are threaded by way of, tie all of the items collectively in a knot and use one other piece of twine to hold the entire planter. Plant a couple of crops within the bowl and place contained in the hanger. Discover the right nook or hook to hold your new planter!

geometric hanging planter

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