3 Beautiful Ways To Tie A Bow With Ribbon

In terms of present giving, I feel selecting the present wrap is usually simply as enjoyable as choosing out the present itself. So as to simplify the wrapping course of, I hold a small field together with a couple of rolls of wrapping paper beneath our mattress to perform as my present wrap stash. That small field holds a couple of ribbon spools, leftover ribbons from previous presents (why not reuse?!), scissors and tape so it’s quick, straightforward and reasonably priced to wrap up a reasonably present on the spot. Add wow issue to these presents by mastering these straightforward ribbon bow tutorials!


  • Material Ribbon
  • Wired Material Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • All objective glue

Bowtie Topper

1& 2. Reduce the bottom ribbon (non-wired) roughly 5″ lengthy (or longer for a bigger present) and minimize notches at every finish of the ribbon, by folding every finish of the ribbon lengthwise and slicing a forty five diploma angle upwards towards the middle of the ribbon.

three. Bend one other piece of ribbon roughly 1.5 occasions longer than the notched base ribbon and bend right into a circle securing with a dot of all function glue.

four. Fold the circle in half and place over prime of the notched base ribbon.

5. Minimize a small piece of ribbon simply lengthy sufficient to wrap across the center of the ribbons.

6. Safe the small piece of ribbon with a dot of glue. Permit to dry and cling to the highest of your present with both glue or tape.

Basic Ribbon Bow

1. Minimize non-wired ribbon roughly 6 occasions the widest width of your present field. Place the present face down on the center of the ribbon.

2. Wrap ribbons round present in order that they twist round each other after which run perpendicular to the unique path. See image!

three. Pull ribbons tight and flip the present over.

four. Tie a knot on the middle prime of the present.

5. Create two bunny ear loops.

6. Cross the left loop over prime of the appropriate loop. Bend the left loop round and pull by means of the opening beneath the loops. Pull tight.

Wired Poufy Bow

1. Minimize a bit of wired ribbon roughly four occasions the width of your present.

2. Tie a knot on the highest of the present.

three. Fold an extended piece of wired ribbon accordion of favor.

four. Collect the ribbon in on the center.

5. Place the accordion folded ribbon on prime of the knot tied in Step 2, and use the tails from Step 2 knot to tie one other knot across the folded ribbon to carry into place.

6. Fluff up the ribbon loops to type a poufy bow.

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